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A company that specialises in immersive, collaborative, data visualisation and analytics utilising virtual and augmented reality.

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We are a virtual & augmented reality creative team located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We’ve been working in the field of 3D design for over 10 years. Want to join our team, then check out our vacancies

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation in VR, AR and MR.
Visualise your data in new and exciting ways with our visualisation platform.

Virtual Reality

Providing high value virtual content using the latest technology. The applications of VR are almost limitless.

3D Design

We can create 3D objects for your environment. We can use your CAD drawings or 3D designs to create objects and environments you visualise.

Augmented Reality

Blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world, using special apps that overlay digital 3D objects over reality, viewed through your devices.


We’re hiring talented developers so if you would like to join a dynamic team then take a look.

Data Insights & Action

Our cloud platform brings your raw data to life across multiple devices for discussion and presentation of strategic data insights, supporting your decision making.

Create new worldsData VisualisationVisualisation of your productsFully Immersive EnvironmentsCreate new impact

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We Are Here For You

To really give your business a cutting edge, there is no greater tool than knowledge. At a time when new developments in technology are reaching the public at such a fast pace it is easy to become overwhelmed by virtual and augmented reality. We are here to help guide you through the process to create exciting new environments, connecting you with the world.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is back in the mainstream with a huge thud. With the recent emergence of immersive technologies, such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony’s Playstation headsets and Google’s Daydream, VR is becoming a whole new way to connect with audiences in a very personal way, helping to provide insights in B2B applications.

Find out how our services can help you engage with your audience.

Data Visualisation

Interactive data visualisations in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Integrate, visualise and collaborate in new and exciting ways with our Data Visualisation Platform.

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Bring something different to the party. Augmented Reality utilises your mobile devices. Great for marketing, advertising, games, education and countless other possibilities. It gets your message heard above the rest.

Data Visualisation

3D data that creates an impact

Virtual Reality

Rainfall data visualisation

Multiple Datasets

Multiple Datasets in one visualisation

Analysis without coding

Multiple Datasets in one visualisation

How We Work

Working with the latest technologies such as Oculus Rifts, HTC Vives, Samsung Gears and Epson Smart glasses and others, we have over a decade of experience creating 3D objects and worlds that can visualise almost anything.


Utilising leading edge technologies to visualise and provide feedback.


Working collaboratively with our clients we create immersive VR environments.


We create worlds that help you find new ways to look at your data in a 3D world.


We Make Our Customers Happy

We work with you. Not all ideas are best suited to a specific technology. We can advise you on the right technology to use to get the best impact from your concepts. We will help you develop an experience that will have your customers grinning from ear to ear.


Pushing the boundaries of 3D environments.


We sit down with you and your teams to story board your concepts.


Working with agile development methodologies, we can ensure you get what you want out of the project.


Testing is always fun, you get to test your concepts as we develop them.

Data Visualisation

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Disruptive Technologies for Systems Insights, 3D Analysis & Visualisation

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Interactive Data Visualisations in Virtual and Augmented Reality


Work together with users in different locations within the same environment on the same data in real time. Present your findings to your stakeholders across the globe, without the need for virtual reality large headsets


Our unique cloud based service allows data from different sources to be integrated and securely shared between users

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Who We Are

We are enthusiasts of new 3D technologies.

Geeks at heart, we love getting our hands on new technology and pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve.

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We’re not all about work

Here’s a few fun little projects.


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Our team can offer advice to individuals and companies looking to invest in technologies.

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